Building Materials & Concrete Accessories

Wedge Bolt

  • Standard Wedge Bolts: Standard wedge bolt is a connection device for modular concrete forms and is used to tighten adjoining and securing concrete forms in place. It is made up of High Strength heat treated steel.
  • Long Wedge Bolts: Its application differs only in that it allows for a filler to be placed between two panels.The added length of the long wedge bolt allows it to pass from one form , through the filler and through the adjecent form with adequate room to lock the bolt in place by the use of a regular wedge bolt.
  • Short Wedge Bolt: The short wedge bolt is similar in design to the standard wedge bolt and is used to connect modular panels through fillers. It is made up of High strength heat treated steel.
  • Available in 0.1lb/pcs , 250 pcs/plastic bucket and 75 buckets/pallet.