Agriculture & Vineyard

Cut Rebar Rod & Smooth Pencil Rod

proCut Rebar Support is a concrete reinforcing bar for training new vines mostly in rocky soil.

Concrete reinforcing bar
Used to train new vines
Advisable for rocky soil
Good for next-to-wine cultivation

Length/Size Thickness Weight Pieces/bundle Truckload Qty.
4' 3/8" 1.25 50 38,000
5' 3/8" 1.60 50 30,000

Smooth Pencil Rod

proSmooth Pencil Rod is a Hot rolled and straightened wire rod, cost effective and easy to install for training new vines.

Used to train new vines
Hot rolled and strengthened wire products
Low cost and easy to install
Length/Size Pieces/bundle Truckload Qty.
4' 100 75,000
5' 100 60,000
6' 100 45,000