About Us

HOBB INTERNATIONAL, established in the year 1990 is an integrated business house which focuses on new products and market development and has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of engineering goods in its ‘state-of-the-art’ manufacturing facilities at three wholly-owned manufacturing plants based in India. The company provides logistics and distribution to its customer in USA & Canada with 100% control of supply chain- from raw material to finished products, packaging to shipment to the customer’s warehouse.

Primarily, HOBB started as a manufacturer of Galvanized Chain Link Fencing materials for the Fencing Industry. Over a period of time, it has diversified into the Building and Construction hardware, Agriculture & Vineyards products and Transmission Line & Utility hardware. HOBB products are of stringent quality, adhering to the ASTM, ANSI, NEMA, UL, RUS specifications.

Consistent growth through motivated employees and delighted customers has been the mantra of any success. The above vision has helped in achieving the ‘Highest Exporter Award' at the regional level several times. It shows the endeavor of the company to make the award an incentive to strive for higher growth. The company has also the status of ‘Export House’ recognized by the Govt. of India.

An innovative company, HOBB, is committed to harden its record by way of indigenous materials and skilled personnel to provide a product, which offers a value for money proposition to their delighted Customers.